It’s a fine romance, but it’s left me so undone




It’s always darkest before the dawn

Leopard print faux fur coat : thrifted vintage 60s
Red Velvet duster : stiletto (vintage 80s)
Chariot dress : Wild Unknown x 4th & Rose
Harness boots : Frye via buffalo exchange
Leather buckle bag with tassel : manĊ (vintage 90s)

I went to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston with my mother today. We couldn’t have picked a better day. It was beautiful out, almost 60 degrees.
We went to see Hollywood Glamour: fashion & jewelry from the silver screen. We try to see every fashion exhibit that comes to town. This one was small, but lovely.

This is what the room looks like when you enter. They did a lovely job arranging things. There are designs by Coco Chanel, Edith Head & others.

These were my two favorite pieces, both designed by Travis Blanton. On the left, a silk crepe, silk chiffon & fox fur hostess gown worn by Marlene Dietrich in Desire. On the right, a silk chiffon gown embroidered with glass beads & lame thread worn by Carole Lombard in No Man of Her Own.

Definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area.



Dress up ||| 1990s gilded luxe bohemian dress



One of the best parts of owning a vintage store is the dress up that comes with it.

[There are days when it’s one of the worst parts, but that’s a story for another time.]

When you love clothing, love the craftsmanship & the creativity & the honest to god work that goes into every piece, putting on a beautiful garment on feels like a privilege, a luxury. I get to play with vintage clothes and make up and get in front of a camera.

Let’s be honest, there are worse things to do with your day.

This dress is really special. It’s from the nineties & made by lucky brand (yeah, I can’t believe it either). The beading & embroidery is incredibly well done & detailed.

It’s gonna be hard to give up, but that’s something that luckily has been getting easier the longer I do this.

I just want someone to wear it with a pair of chunky gold boots & a great headpiece.