I’m pulling my questions from my shelf








I’m asking forgiveness.

hard rock Hanoi tee : bloodbuzz vintage
floral gauze dress : thrifted (vintage 90s)
destroyed & patched 512s : Levi’s (thrifted vintage 80s)
tooled leather belt : dollar store
studded & buckled ankle boots : ecote
coin necklace & triple layer necklace : forever 21
silver turquoise cuffs : vintage navajo
grey beanie : savers

I've been wearing these jeans a lot lately. They're so goddamn comfortable that I keep trying to pretend I can wear them all year long.
I live in Massachusetts, though, so that's not only unrealistic but also kind of delusional.
But we had a seasonal aberration today: 60 degrees on the Sunday before thanksgiving (not a record, or anything, but plenty weird). So I decided to take advantage & break them out one more time.
I'm sure in a month I'll try to convince myself they can be worn with tights. I'll get dressed, make it all the way to right outside my door & then realize that no, it's twenty degrees out & even with the magic of layering, it'd be crazy to wear them.
I should probably pack them away to save myself the trouble…



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