dress up ||| 1970s sailboat dress



I’ve been packing up my spring & summer clothing over the past week. I’ve been doing so begrudgingly—I do not look forward to this winter & sometimes denial is too attractive an impulse to deny.

Now that it’s regularly below 65 degrees, that means it’s probably best to face the music & box up the truly summery things. A lightweight maxi dress with an open back covered in a sailboat print?

Time to put it away.

The only problem, though, is that I haven’t worn it yet. Not for real. I didn’t even put it on when I bought it. I held it up to myself, squealed over how awesome it was & snagged it. This was way back in May, when I was working at Buffalo Exchange. My birthday falls on flag day & that has led to a growing collection of red, white & blue vintage. Most of what I have is from the fifties or sixties, though, so I was more than happy to pick up a piece from the early seventies.

I just couldn’t pack it up without tossing it on. And, man oh man, now do I wish I had worn it this past summer. It’s so good!

Oh well. Til next year!



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