about me

TRI about me image


name: zara rose

age: twenty something

raised on: aesop’s fables, greek mythology, the beatles & sesame street

believes in: science, always; magic, sometimes.

loves: sam cooke. w.b. yeats. the clash. lauren bacall. beyonce. gene kelley. daniel burnham. pannonica de koenigswarter. thelonious monk. anne sexton. frederick law olmstead. dolly parton. tupac. raymond chandler. leonard feather. gram parsons.

happiest when: behind the wheel of a car on a clear day, headed towards a new place to explore with a great playlist booming through the speakers.

obsessed with: antique carousels. souvenir penny machines. the 1893 columbian exposition.

collects: grammar text books from the 1870s-1960s. silver & turquoise navajo jewelry. jazz records. blue willow china. antique cameos. crystals. vintage clothing. small painted pots. tarot cards.

dreams of: buying a vintage airstream & hitting the road for good.

lives on: jameson & coke, records, used books and obstacles.





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